Junior UTR Tennis Series: All About Having Fun

Jaxon Blanco, Harla Gittoes and Angus Morgan.


TYLER Sens and Matthew Jeffery from Coffs Harbour won the under 8s and division 5 competitions at the Junior UTR Series at Englands Park Tennis Club on Sunday 20 June.

The Junior UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) Series are round-robin singles events for junior players that utilise the Universal Tennis Rating system, which gives local players the opportunity to play against opponents from other regions.

Nicki Jeffery from Coffs Harbour helped coaches Eli Baylis and Tony Polack by manning the Englands Park venue on the day.

“Eli works tirelessly to organise and coordinate junior tournaments in the northeast region of New South Wales, and supports competition in other parts of the state.

“The players did really well in the blustery conditions, JUS competitions are all about having fun, practicing skills taught during weekly coaching sessions and meeting new players.

“In the under 8s Tyler Sens overcame Joshua Burns in a close match and Matthew Jeffery won Division 5, with Jack Cunningham in second place.

“A huge thank you to the parents for umpiring matches and encouraging all the players, who were in good spirits throughout the competition,” said Nicki.




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