Karuah River Aquaculture on hold due to heavy rain

Like most Oyster Farmers in the area, Cole Brothers have been forced to shut shop due to salinity levels.
Like most Oyster Farmers in the area, Cole Brothers have been forced to shut shop due to salinity levels.

IN January this year Myall Coast News Of The Area reported on the dire situation faced by many aquaculture reliant businesses who were forced to shut shop due to the heavy rains experienced just after New Years.

Cole Brothers Oysters were just one of a handful of suppliers based on the Karuah River who were dealt a cruel blow by Mother Nature at their peak time of the year.

The low weather trough experienced in the area earlier this month has again forced business like Cole Brothers to shut shop until water quality and conditions improve to meet industry standards so they can harvest again.

On the Cole Brothers Facebook page, regular customers were advised on June 10, “Due to excessive rainfall over the last week we are unable to harvest oysters for sale in Port Stephens. Sorry but our shop will be closed from today (Friday the 10th June) for possibly the next 10 days until the salt returns to the estuary.”

News Of The Area called into the facility beside the Karuah River and found an eerily quiet site.

Expecting to see some maintenance operations in action I couldn’t help but feel quite saddened to see a really odd spectacle, nothing was happening at all.

All doors and facilities locked. I checked on other Oyster farmers and the same lack of works was found.

It really drums into ones head how important the river systems ecology is to so many people.

From businesses, to fishing or boating clubs, for tourists to enjoy. For everybody.

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Mother Nature has, as previously stated, brought this new blow to the many businesses that the region cannot do without.

It is everyone’s responsibility also to assist these businesses by being extra vigilant when using the normally pristine waters in the area that so many rely on.



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