Karuah RLFC teams make strong start to season with opening day wins

The team after the win with coach Daniel Evans and Ashley Bills.


SATURDAY April 17 saw the Karuah RLFC teams take to the field for their first games of the 2021 season.

The Game Day Sponsors were Cole Bros Oysters and Indigico.

The Rooettes traveled down to Budgewoi, the ladies making a great start to the season with a 28-0 win.

The big hitters for the game were Helena Bills, Chantelle Gallagher, Jacqui Gornall, Chloe Zdebski, Bec Roe, Ashlei Grande, Sarsha Venables, Tia Lukaszewicz, Dallas Grey, Captain Tamara Smith, Kayla Campbell, Shanah Roby, Chloe Taylor and Sharisse Gaiyer.

The runners were Helena Bills, Sarsha Venables, Tia Lukaszewicz, Bec Roe, Tamara Smith, Kelly Johnson, Kayla Campbell, Macey Elvidge, Ashlei Grande, Dallas Grey, Chloe Zdebski, Chantelle Gallagher, Renae Lamb, Sharisse Gaiyer, and Jacqui Gornall.

The try scores were Tia Lukaszewicz, Kayla Campbell, Tamara Smith, Helena Bills and Chloe Taylor.

Kayla Cambell converted one from one and Chloe Zdebski converted three from four.

In the Players Player, three points went to Helena Bills, two points to Kayla Campbell and one point to Tia Lukaszewicz.

The Coaches Award went to Chloe Zdebski and the Sponsor’s Choice was Sarsha Venables.

The Roos travelled to Morpeth for a very wet and slippery game, with the men making a good start to the season with a win of 16-6.

It was anyone’s game with the ball and ground being wet and hard to handle.

The hit men were Neil Baker, Josh White, Sam Callaghan, Mitch Napier, Jack Fleming, Ryan Saunders, Aiden Bills, Mitch Baker, Tim Johnson, James Foster, Simi Asomua, Adam Schroeder, Bailey Turner, Joh-Roy Clarke, Pat Malone, Tyson Peters, Sam Croese and Dwayne Fleming.

The meter makers were Sam Croese, Mitch Napier, Ryan Saunders, Josh White, Mitch Baker, Simi Asomua, Pat Maloney, Sam Callaghan, Dwayne Fleming, Aiden Bills, James Foster, Tyson Peters, Bailey Turner, Adam Schroeder, Jack Croese, Tim Johnson, Jack Fleming and Joh-Roy Clarke.

Tries went to Pat Maloney, Aiden Bills and James Foster with Sam Croese converting two from three.

In the Players Player, three points went to Josh White, two points went to Ryan Saunders and one point was awarded to Joh-Roy Clarke.

The Coaches Award was Mitch Baker with Sponsors Choice going to Neil Baker.


By Sonja EVANS


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