Karuah Roos Rugby League team are beat by ladder leaders Hinton


Karuah Roos

By Sonja EVANS


THE Karuah Roos, in third spot on the ladder, travelled to Hinton on Sunday to take on the top of the ladder team.

Game day Sponsor for the Roos was Bunty’s Fruit and Vegies. It was also the Hornets Old Boys and Charity Day for Beyond Blue.

It was a hard and fast game with no one scoring until half way threw the first half.

It was Hinton 4/0. Then they were in again within a few minutes take the score to Hornets 8 Roos 0.

Great metres were made by all round ‘Mr Work Horse’ Ben Langdon, Tim Johnson, Matt Croese, Josh Page, Ryan Saunders, Luke Perry and Luke Chapman.

It wasn’t to long after the Hornets score that the Roos #1 Luke Perry was in and #6 Sam Croese converted to take the score to Hinton 8 Roos 6.

Hinton were the next to score and convert take the score to 14/6 .

Big hits for the Roos were made by Ben Langdon, Josh Page, Daniel Evans, Jack Croese, Luke Perry, Matt Croese, Sam Croese, Tim Johnson and Mitch O’Bryan.

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With under 1minute to go in the first #3 Josh Page was in for the Roos.

Taking the half time score to Hinton 14 Roos 10.

Once again it was the Hornets in first 18/10 and within about 8 minutes they were in twice taking the score to Hinton 30 Roos 10.

Then it was Karuah’s turn to put 2 quick tries on the first to #3 and his 2nd for the day Josh Page, #6 Sam Croese converting and the #13 Ryan Saunders taking the score to Hinton 30 Karuah 20.

Big runs by Luke Perry, Darren Weatherall, Aden Callaghan, Jack Croese, Matt Croese and Ben Langdon.

The Roos had a man in the bin for 10min and Hinton used it to their advantage scoring 36/20.

Great shots by the Roos Ben Langdon, Josh Page, Daniel Evans, Dylan Foley, Mick Booby, Aden Callaghan, Mitch O’Bryan, Ryan Saunders, Matt Croese, Luke Perry and Matty Weatherall.

Then the Roos had a man sent for the remainder of the game for yapping at the Ref about 12mins to go in the game.

Hinton again used it and were in for 2 more tries taking the full time score to Hinton Hornets 44 Karuah Roos 20.

Players Player 3 points went to Mr Work Horse  #11 Ben Langdon, 2 points to #7 Daniel Evans, 1 point to # 4 Mitch O’Bryan, Coaches Award #7 Daniel Evans and Man on the Hill #4 Mitch O’Bryan.

Next week is the Last Home Game for 2016 and it is Our Women in League Round they boys will be wear pink sock in support for all that Women do for the League. And the Karuah Women are going to have a Tug a war match before the boys take to the field.

It is against Hexham 3pm kick off tug a war will kick off about 2pm.

Game Day Sponsor is The Morten Family.

Date for the Karuah Roos Presentation is Friday night 16th Sep @ the Karuah RSL 6pm to eat at 6.30pm $25/adult for a Baked Dinner 2meats, vegies and dinner roll plus sweets. Tickets will be available through Sonja Evans contact 0402283316 (money with order please).

Need numbers by the 12th September.

Chris White is the entertainment.

The doors will be opened to the public after the meal.

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