Keep your best mate safe this Christmas

Christmas holidays are best spent with loved ones, furry friends included.

THE way we live has changed and that change has included a huge rise in the number of families living with pets.

For those considering gifting a pet it is important to be sure that the person that you are gifting the pet to is able to commit to a pet for the long term.

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There is more than the cost of food and toys, there are vet bills to consider over the life of a pet as well.

If you are considering gifting a pet, we are always being urged to consider a rescue.

Rescuing a pet means that you are not only taking a pet into your home but you are saving its life.

The Christmas holidays are best spent with loved ones, furry friends included.

That’s why MidCoast Council is reminding all pet owners to make sure their cats and dogs are registered and microchipped with up-to-date address details this festive season.

“The Christmas and end-of-year period is a very busy time and that means it’s more likely that your pet may get lost,” said Council’s Manager Major Assessment and Regulatory Services, Adam Matlawski.

“By being a responsible pet owner and registering and microchipping your cat or dog, you are ensuring that, if found, they can be returned to you as quickly as possible.

“We want the many beloved cats and dogs across the MidCoast to spend Christmas at home this year, not in the pound!”

Pet-owners must register and microchip their pets – it’s the law.

The process of registration is easy and can be done, once your pet is microchipped, online or over the counter at your local Council administration centre.

The one-time fee collected through the registration process goes back to the community by funding companion animal services such as dog parks and Council animal shelters.

For more information about companion animals and your responsibilities as a pet-owner, go to

If you need to change the address of your pet due to moving or rehoming, please fill out the Change Of Address Form within 14 days of the change.

You can download it from the link above.

If you are planning to visit a customer service centre to register your pet, please note that all centres will be closed from 1pm on Friday 24 December and reopen Wednesday 29 December.

They will also be closed on Monday 3 January.



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