Kempsey Mayor Leo Hauville frustrated with drawn out by-election process

WITH the announcement that Kempsey Shire residents will return to the polls on Saturday 30 July to vote in the by-election for eight Kempsey Shire Councillor positions, Kempsey Shire Mayor Leo Hauville has expressed frustration with the process.

“The whole saga of the iVote system failure and the decision of the Supreme Court of NSW to void the December election has left a sour taste in all our mouths,” Mr Hauville said.

“The present Councillors rightly feel very upset that they must dedicate their time, energy and money to another election campaign just seven months after they were told they had been successfully elected.”

Despite his frustrations, Mayor Hauville encouraged Kempsey Shire residents to take to the polls a second time in support of “our essential democratic process”.

“Even though we may find this distasteful, we are a country of laws that must be followed.

“So please consider all the nominated candidates and remember to vote on Saturday 30 July.”

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