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Dexter after lunch.   Photo:  Square Shoe Photography
Dexter after lunch. Photo: Square Shoe Photography

WITH National Koala Month over and so much excellent media coverage on koalas every week, your new Bay News Of the Area thought it would be appropriate to deliver just one story.

The Hunter Koala Preservation Society (HKPS) is a very busy volunteer organisation.

They are the first point of contact to assist injured and sick koalas and are also the volunteers who attend koala fatalities.

Sue Swain, who has been volunteering for 13 years, currently has Dexter 2½  and Doro who is 6 years in her care.

Meryl Swanson - Member for Paterson
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Initially, Sue became involved when she answered an ad in the local press, stating, “I thought it would be nice to play with the koalas.”

“It’s now the pleasure of rescuing an injured koala and seeing it through to the release stage.”

It can be a very long and costly process, taking many months for a koala to fully recover.

Dexter was hit by a car and along with internal bruising, he also sustained a broken leg and has had titanium plates inserted to assist with the repair.

Courtesy of Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services, Dexter will have his plaster cast removed in two weeks and will then commence the next phase of recovery, which will take a further 6 weeks.

After Sue has supported Dexter through the final stage with her, he will be transferred to a dedicated rehab home.

At the rehab home he will spend around one month re-learning to climb and regain muscle strength in his right leg.

HKPS is passionate about the need for a local koala hospital where injured koalas and orphaned joeys could be cared for and nurtured back to health with the intent of releasing them into the koala community when they are ready.

Currently the nearest facility is Port Macquarie.

Koala Rescue Line 0418 628 483 – please add this number to your telephone contacts today.


By Mandy ELLIS

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