Koryu Uchinadi martial arts hits Hawks Nest Beach

Student and Instructors on Hawks Nest beach.
Student and Instructors on Hawks Nest beach.


STUDENTS and instructors of the Raymond Terrace based martial arts club (Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu), held their first class for 2018 in the most practical manner last Saturday when temperatures reached mid-40’s.

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The Club’s head instructor, Sensei Bob King (6th Dan) told News Of The Area, “What a perfect way to start 2018 training for our Club.”

Traditionally the martial arts club conduct their first training for the year at the beach in what is referred to as “Hatsu Geiko”.

Student’s took the Bo to the sand at Hawks Nest Beach this year.

Shihan King said, “We worked with the Bo as well as practiced throws on the soft warm sand and finished with a swim in the cool ocean.”

The Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu style of martial arts is heavily based on the street-practical and real life situations of self defence, rather than considering or being restricted to any rule-based (sport/competition) fighting.

The club practices all facets of self defence including, strikes, joint locks, chokes, throws and ground fighting.

“For today’s person interested in learning martial arts, Koryu Uchinadi is not sports based. In other words, the training does not primarily focus on preparing (you) for competition,” Mr King said.

“Our training prepares the student for dealing with unwarranted acts of aggression in the real world. In particular for situations where safely exiting is not always an option.”

For more information call Sensei Bob King on 0416 197644.


Sensei Bob King in Bo application.
Sensei Bob King in Bo application.

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