Land owners in North Arm Cove targeted by vandals

Damage done by vehicles on North Arm Cove land.


LAND owners in parts of North Arm Cove are unable to build on their land but many still visit to check up on their land and make sure everything is okay.

Recently, many land owners have been targeted by trespassers and vandals.

One owner took to a local community group to inform others in the area.

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“Yesterday my husband and I visited our land, we were so happy to drive all the way to see our land again as we had missed out on the Easter break.

“When we arrived at the land we found out that our land had been vandalised.

“They (vandals) drove over the land with heavy vehicles, they left broken bottles all over, cut trees and caused damage to other trees.”

Other locals reported that a big bonfire had also been made.

The land owner encouraged fellow owners to visit their land more often, and put up signs of private property.

One commenter wrote, “I will have to go and check mine again soon.

“Last time something similar happened, but not quite as bad.

“There was lots of rubbish dumped on my place and deep tyre tracks.”

Due to zoning, many of these landowners are unable to build or or stay for prolonged periods of time on their land, leaving them unable to protect their land.

Trespassing is punishable in News South Wales under the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901, whilst break and enter offences are governed by the Crimes Act 1900.

Anyone with information regarding trespassing or break and enter offences in North Arm Cove are urged to report to the Police.




Damage done by vehicles on North Arm Cove land.

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