Latest Treasury Data Show Increasing JobKeeper Applications on Coffs Coast

Treasury data shows JobKeeper has helped businesses and organisations struggling with the impacts of COVID-19, stay afloat on the Coffs Coast from April to June.


DATA released by Treasury for April, May and June show consistent growth in JobKeeper applications for the Coffs Coast.

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The postcode data is represented for the April, May and June months separately, noting that the organisation count for processed JobKeeper applications resets to zero for each new JobKeeper claiming period (monthly) as eligible organisations are required to submit monthly reimbursement claims for each JobKeeper period.

Figures represented are not cumulative across months.

The organisation application count at the postcode level is based on the most up to date primary organisation address detail that the ATO holds on its records, as supplied by the organisation.

This address does not always represent the actual organisation location and/or trading location of the organisation.
The organisation may also have multiple trading locations and this is not captured in this data set.

The organisation location is also not representational of where employees are based.

Treasury defines the term organisation as covering both businesses and not for profits participating in JobKeeper.

The postcode applications data does not show the number of employees or eligible business participants nominated by an organisation.

In the Coffs Harbour 2450 postcode the numbers of JobKeeper applications, for the months of April, May and June were 1,820, 1,936 and 1,977.

For Sawtell, postcode 2452, the numbers respectively were 393, 422, and 440.

Bellingen, postcode 2454, had 350, 370 and 376 JobKeeper applications.

And for 2456, Woolgolga and the northern beaches, 495 JobKeeper applications were made in April, 513 in May and 509 in June, the only month and location across the footprint of Coffs Coast News of The Area, to have a decrease.


By Sandra MOON

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