Letter: Disappointment at exclusion of Pindimar-Bundabah non-urban areas

At a meeting held between Great Lakes Council (GLC) Strategic Planner, Mr R Busby and Pindimar-Bundabah Community Association’s (PBCA) Representatives:

Bundabah Dear MCNOTA,   At a meeting held between Great Lakes Council (GLC) Strategic Planner, Mr R Busby and Pindimar-Bundabah Community Association’s (PBCA) Representatives: Representatives expressed their disappointment to Mr. Busby that Non-Urban areas were not included in upgraded GLC, L.E.P. Mr Busby pointed out that it was amended to meet the directive of NSW State Government and the amendments did not involve or effect the current status of non-urban land. After lengthy discussion, he could not promise anything but would look into our previous suggestions/ sub-missions again. He said Sewerage and being in Flood Prone area are major problems. We advised that these issues could and should be addressed to allow progress on the re-zoning issue. At the moment there is a major problem with pollution on the Northern Foreshore from Bundabah Creek, Karuah River and other areas, including North Arm Cove. Mr. Busby explained that GLC proposed development from top of the hill on the Western side at Tea Gardens towards the Highway. PBCA representatives requested that GLC take the initiative and support our re-zoning request stating we could be classed as a suburb of Tea Gardens. It has been stated that Non Urban rates from Pindimar, Bundabah and North Arm Cove are keeping GLC solvent. A lot of letters/emails have been sent to GLC with no reply /acknowledgement. It was moved at the recent meeting that a letter is to be sent to GLC listing all outstanding matters.   Ian Treharne President of Pindimar-Bundabah Community Association

10 thoughts on “Letter: Disappointment at exclusion of Pindimar-Bundabah non-urban areas

  1. I think its ludicrous that new estates are going ahead in tea gardens and hawks nest yet existing land that has been there for decades remains non urban ,goes to show what developers money does with council.Wouldn’t it be more feasible to rezone existing land ,develop it and have permanent residents live there and imorove the businesses and create a community and jobs for the whole area .

  2. Agree with you. As far as I can gather the local council is driven by greed. This is the only reason I can ascertain as to why the council is chopping up the blocks and selling only to get rates ($) from the new owners but giving nothing back in return. Im surprised there has been no investigation into this rate rort. There could be a great little sustainable community here that supports new small business and wildlife preservation from aware owners. Quite shifty indeed. Am almost tempted to go public with the rate rort so an inquest can be launched. In the non urban areas – no facilities, no property management, no new roads, no sewerage, no power, no maintenance, no rubbish collection – then what are the rates going to? Almost criminal.

  3. As an older owner of a Pindimar non-urban block fronting a serviced road and with a house next door and power to the edge of my block, this is certainly a disgrace. I would much rather build a small nature friendly home in a peaceful location for my retirement. Tea Gardens has become overdeveloped and I have no wish to see large scale development at Pindimar. There can be restrictions put in place to ensure this without preventing rezoning

  4. It is very difficult to continue paying rates for no return. Obviously the council need to address this matter seriously and not simply take money from hard-working land owners. This needs to be further investigated and there is plenty of transitioning from the major cities to make the development of Pindimar worthwhile. The area has much development potential and needs serious consideration.

  5. My hub and and I bought a block of land in North Arm Cove about 20 years ago with the hope that one day we could build our little house .We felt in love with the area and we use to go every summer with our childrento look at our land and enjoy the beautiful water views .We named our land “HOPE”.We never stopped paying the rates for 20 years and I believe many people still paying like us;and the ones that stopped paying probably became pensioners and cannot afford to pay anymore.But how much money all the people paid to the council probably for more than 20 years.I don’t think money is the problem.We don’t go there everyyear anymore.Some times we pay some locals from North Arm Cove to cut the grass in our land.But I can say the area has deteriorated a lot not only the non urban area but also the urban area it looked really sad .It is a pity that this council does not recognizer that North Arm Cove has a big potential to develop and create more jobs .I wrote a nice letter to the Council to ask about the approval of environmental free houses : kit homes with solar energy,rain water tanks.,Our own sewage but never have a reply.I hope people doesn’t give up and continuing fighting for something that it is ours.!!

  6. I’m not a land owner but why on earth hasn’t this been taken to a current affair. Honestly shocking to hear that some have paid over 20 years without absolutely any return. Crikey un Australian

  7. I am thinking of buy a property, it is around 800 square meters. What is the council charging per year? This will be the deciding factor.

  8. All i can say is that great Lakes council are nothing but greedy, un Australian and care only for them selfs , Here’s aussies trying to have a piece of there own country and paying rates for years with nothing to show for it , most people can’t even get to there properties let alone camp on them and if u can camp u have to pay money for that privilege, what a joke, I do believe we need to get the word out there as now we are all going to be charged for fire fee’s more money for foster, a news program needs to know about this situation and let all aussies know just how much our government do for us , not a THING im over it anyone feel like a protest. ? ?

  9. My father bought a block in Peace Pde 20 yrs ago and has been paying ” rates ” for what services, I think its time for all non – urban land owners to unit and stop paying Great lakes rates unitl we get something for our money

    Pls reply so I can get a list of owner to advise the media of this disgrace


    1. Hi, please add me to your list, we have been paying rates for more than 15 years hoping we can build a self sustaining little cottage. we are still waiting, and waiting and waiting. i am glad there are others who think likewise. thank you for fighting. what else can we do to speed things up and get building approval one day soon (before I die)???

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