Life Documentaries Give Families Memories To Share With Future Generations

Founder of Life Documentaries Herve Carlos with a client Heather who has shared their life story.


OFTEN it is not until we are facing an uncertain future that we think that now is the hour to tell our stories.

Or that our family and friends seek out knowledge of our past.

At Life Documentaries the team dedicate themselves to telling our stories as they are recollected as we sit on the cusp between retirement and a calmer life.

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As our future looms, so too does the best time to recollect the things we have done that make our lives remarkable.

While many of us believe that we have lived an unremarkable life, we are often surprised by how unique it is when we start to tell our stories.

Life Documentaries is one way of documenting the life that you have led.

It is a vehicle for those who would like their life story as told by themselves added to the family history.

Herve Carlos of Life Documentaries told News Of The Area, “It is important to understand that we all have a story to tell.

“For many once they start telling their stories they actually realise just how important these stories will be to their loved ones.”

Many of us at the age of retirement start to have the time to relax and reflect on our lives and this is the perfect time to start telling our stories.

For older people there are many memories that seem to come from around the kitchen table, things like not leaving the table until the meal is finished or chewing each mouthful of food 32 times before swallowing.

“One of the most interesting stories that we have recorded was one shared by a Sydney based entertainer,” Herve said.

“This musician was employed in a grand old building with a grand piano at the entry where she was to play.

“In true performer style the musician sat and played on the piano in the entryway.

“The doorbell rang and a gentleman entered and was escorted upstairs by a beautifully dressed lady.

“Around half an hour later the scenario repeated itself.

“It turned out that the musician was playing in the foyer of what she now believes was a high end Sydney brothel!”

Herve believes that telling stories such as this to our loved ones in our own voices brings our past and their family history to life.

This story doesn’t just tell of an entertainer – it shares the surprise and humour that would have accompanied the evening.

It turns an older person into someone that has lived life in full colour and perhaps lived and seen a little more than the rest of us.

“When people start telling their stories, a spark comes to their eyes, they realise some of the highlights that they have lived.

“Seeing these stories either immediately or later in life is a gift that brings people back to life as they want to be remembered by their loved ones,” he said.

For those that choose to record their life story the process takes quite some time, and every person is given the chance to review the content before their family sees it.

Life documentaries operate across Australia and offer a way to record your story for future generations, creating a living history.

One which may surprise and delight your family and loved ones.

Every life is a story that deserves to be told.

You can find out more about creating your life story at or call 0418589167 or email [email protected] and begin a conversation that will last for the ages.



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