Lisa Henderson’s Vision for QR Technology

Lisa with son Wil.
Lisa with son Wil.


LISA Henderson from Lemon Tree Passage is well and truly moving with the times.

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She is an advocate of QR technology.

By adopting it, Tilligerry could be at the cutting edge of innovation using QR to enhance the knowledge of our town for both locals and tourists alike.

“If for, example we build a website focusing on the history of Tilligerry, people using an app on their mobile can click on one of the pixilated QR squares and gain access to the site,” Lisa said.

“There would be videos, audios and slide shows available. The QR squares would be strategically placed around the peninsula,” she added.

“The possibilities are endless. We could have a QR set of markers linked to our wildlife and another concentrating on our restaurants and food outlets for example.”

“At the moment, my business and family commitments keep me fully occupied, but as soon as I have spare time, I’ll be working on this project,” Lisa told News Of The Area.

“I’m sure that Council and the various social and business groups around town will come on board.”

The Henderson family itself could easily be an interesting subject for QR focus.

Lisa’s father Bernie built the marina at Lemon Tree.

Her mother was the legendary Margaret Henderson who ran the takeaway food shop which had locals queued along the footpath to buy her homemade hamburgers.

On top of this, the family name is on the waterfront park, the fire station and both a trophy and a rest area at our golf club.




A coded QR square.
A coded QR square.

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