Little ones learn from the Tea Gardens Library

TEA GARDENS LIBRARY: Brighter Beginnings pay a visit.
TEA GARDENS LIBRARY: Brighter Beginnings pay a visit.


IN this digital age, it’s nice to know the book, with its pages of pictures and the printed word, can still enthral our tiny tots.

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The preschool children from Brighter Beginnings Day Care Centre were recently treated to an excursion to the Tea Gardens Library.

“As many children had not been to the library before, it was a very exciting visit,” Centre Director Narineh Siakos said.

The children travelled to the library courtesy of a special bus and were greeted by the smiling faces of the library staff and volunteers, eager to make the little ones feel right at home.

Narineah said, “As the children looked around in excitement, they were welcomed to the children’s section where they were read two stories on Elephants.”

“They extended on these stories with a craft activity to make their own elephants and sat in groups at the tables using scissors to create their masterpieces.”

Librarian Chris Shelly said, “I was really surprised at the children’s enthusiasm and how they embraced and enjoyed not one but many books, happily turning the pages and showing the books to their friends.”

“The Librarians allowed the children to have their lunch inside and quietly look through the books,” Narineh said.

“The children seemed to really enjoy this as they were able to look through various books and explore the different feel of hardcover and paperback books while finding books of interest to them.”

“As the children were on their way back to the childcare centre, plenty of giggles and conversations could be heard as they each shared their stories of the Library adventure.”

This was the first, of many more excursions planned to the Library as part of the centres connection with the community and all agree it could be the start of a beautiful life time love of what the Library has to offer to the young and young at heart.




TEA GARDENS LIBRARY: Brighter Beginnings pay a visit.
TEA GARDENS LIBRARY: Brighter Beginnings pay a visit.

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