Live and Free: The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach at Studio 3

Cathy Welsford and Angie Smith are The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach.


THE only thing better than being entertained by one of the best live acts on the coast is when you can see and hear that same live act free of charge.

Nambucca Valley Radio will be presenting the legendary Wild Women of Anywhere Beach at 2NVR’s Tewinga Studios in a two hour live performance from 6pm on Friday 17 December.

The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach are two revolutionary older women who have been delighting audiences for over 30 years, singing their way through numerous political upheavals, social revolutions and just plain standing up against injustice!

Cathy (Fast Fingers) Welsford and Angie (Random Chords) Smith write original songs and fearlessly adapt others to their own unique style.

The Wild Women, Cathy and Angie, can do things on ukuleles you will have not experienced before and present a musical style that is said to go well beyond folk music.

These Valla Beach treasures have enthralled audiences up and down the coast and have amassed a huge following through mixing musical mastery with fun, humour and a dash of wisdom.

Everyone is invited to come along to the studios of 2NVR on Friday 17 December to be a part of the live studio audience.

Your host for the evening Ceri Wrobel said, “All are welcome to this COVID safe event and I recommend bringing along some refreshments to enjoy during the performance.

“If you are not able to be here for The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach don’t despair as you can tune into 2NVR or go to their website and stream the show as it goes live to air,” Ceri added.



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