Live! Live! Live! concerts which take place at the Baptist Church Hall in Tea Gardens

Sage - new lineup and new clothes.
Sage – new lineup and new clothes.


I’VE written many articles over the last few years about the Live! Live! Live! concerts which take place at the Baptist Church Hall in Tea Gardens on the third Thursday of each month, and I’m still blown away by the way these guys keep stepping up to cater for their audiences.

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My last article talked about the “family atmosphere” created amongst the audience members at these shows, and that feeling just grows and grows. Each month there is now a segment where us oldies get to learn some basic Line Dancing.

I’ve tried Line Dancing before, but could never remember all the steps quickly enough, or keep up with the energy of the younger dancers. Let’s face it, most of us who attend the Live! concerts are in our seventies or eighties, with a few youngsters in their sixties, and the grey matter just can’t remember all those moves quickly enough, and the legs and lungs certainly have trouble keeping up. But, at Live!, we just learn one step per month, and it’s gentle enough that we can all enjoy it without feeling the need for CPR at the end.

In another change, members of the audience are becoming more involved in the actual concerts. In October, some of them are joining with friends from their Ukulele Group to provide additional entertainment in the Afternoon Tea Break.

In yet another change, the band Sage has changed from being a five piece band to become a four piece outfit.

They’ve also changed their costumes from the familiar shades of red with black hats to something a bit softer. See the pic.


By (Rockin’) Robin PETROS

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