Local Core-Lords Tackle Monstrous Conditions During East Coast Low

Richard Maxwell cutting back into a moving mountain at Fingal Bay last Thursday morning. Image courtesy of Mat Spillard.


AS another East Coast Low pummelled the Port Stephens coastline last week and played havoc with the overbuilt foreshores of the region, the watermen of the Tomaree Peninsula suited up to tackle the monstrous conditions.

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Swells peaked at over six metres with few breaks being able to hold the full fury of the South Pacific as it rolled in.

From Boat Harbour to Fingal Bay all the usually safe swimming nooks were transformed into testing grounds for local surfers who relish the hellish conditions.

One spot just off Barry Park at Fingal saw the prevailing winds cut through the swell enough to groom off a couple of ridable mountains.

Local surfer, Rick Evans and his Novacastrian comrade, Tom Haigh took on the coning conditions early last Thursday morning and photographer Mat Spillard was there to capture the session.

For Rick, growing up in Shoal Bay at the infamous Box Beach had him ready to tackle anything that mother nature was going to throw his way.

“Tom and I decided to walk up to Fingal Spit on Thursday morning to get a few uncrowded waves in between business calls,” said Rick.

“We ended up paddling out at Fingal Point where there were some big waves around, I was lucky enough to catch a few and get out of there.

“Some guys were catching bigger ones on the Wednesday!”

As Rick took off on the featured bomb, Tom charged over the set and looked on as his mate rode it all the way to the Fingal Beach Surf Life Saving Club.

“It was nuts, Rick pretty much ended up at the Surf Club from out past Kiddies Corner,” said Tom.

“I guess he thought he was going to get in early to hit the bench press in the Sheer Grit clubby gym, the guy is a beast!”


By Mitch LEES

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