Locals worry of the danger of overgrown grass at Myall Way intersection

ANYONE who has travelled to Tea Gardens is aware of the dangerous turnoff from Pacific Highway to Myall Way.

For many years residents have been concerned over the accidents which have occurred on this intersection, and are now filing complaints due to overgrown grass impairing vision.

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Doug Taylor has only lived in Tea Gardens for two years but is well aware of the ongoing issues.

“In just two years there has been several deaths and accidents at this very intersection and I see many articles comes up on Facebook as suggestions on what to do, such as raise the sign, overhead interchange and the like,” Mr Taylor told News Of The Area.

“Numerous times now between RMS lawn mows I’ve noticed the grass and weeds growing to great heights which definitely does partially obscure vision, having said that, if everybody actually stopped and paused before they made the turn there would be no problem, but sadly that does not always happen.”

Due to this, he took matters into his own hands and decided to inform someone about this to prevent possible accidents or more loss of life.

“I first contacted MidCoast Council who were very prompt in returning my call but informed me that this was out of their jurisdiction and to contact RMS.

“I decided to go one step higher believing this was very important and visited Kate Washington’s office.

“Her assistant noted all details and said he would contact the relevant people immediately to rectify the situation,” said Mr Taylor.

The turnoff continues to be an ongoing issue and all travellers are urged to take extra caution before turning.


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