Lockdown allows for speedy upgrade to Tilligerry Aquatic Centre

Workers preparing the pool for its new fibreglass ‘skin’.


THE current statewide Covid-19 lockdown has dovetailed well for the makeover of the Tilligerry Aquatic Centre.

This means that the down-time for the pool relining will not encroach on the summer swimming season.

Now over 20 years old, the pool was beginning to show its age with bubbles forming between the original tiles and the overlaying vinyl liner.

It was therefore decided to strip both old surfaces and fibreglass the pool to ensure its integrity for years to come.

We are indeed lucky to have the facility as demographers all those years ago stated that some 12,000 residents were needed to make the facility financially viable.

There were fewer than 6000 people here at the time.

Indeed Port Stephens Council set a target of $100,000 for the community to raise before they would proceed with the complex.

This was achieved and the council chipped in the rest of the $1 million needed for construction.

Currently ‘Belgravia’ has the contract for the three council pools and they are closed in rotation for maintenance.

Last year, Tilligerry did not shut for winter maintenance as both Tomaree and Lakeside swim centres were out of service for prolonged periods due to technical issues.

This gave dedicated fitness fanatics and squad swimmers an option with their season tickets valid for Tilligerry.



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