Long Lost Wedding Ring Looking For Owners

What have you found in your garden whilst digging? One local found a wedding ring and we need your help to find the owner.


Marbles, old cars, dog bones.

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These are some of the things I have found while gardening.

But one local gardener has literally hit gold while digging in her garden at home with a canny canine by her side.

A Diggers Beach local found the ring a couple of weeks ago a few centimetres under the surface.

The local’s house was built in 1995 and prior to that the land was vacant.

Perhaps the ring was lost at the time of the building taking place.

The finder has described the ring as ”A 9 carat gold band with a white gold inset of a leaf pattern around it.

“It is very small, only just fitting on my pinky finger.”

“It is engraved on the inside with a man and woman’s name and a day, month and year, which is 1978.”

If it is indeed a wedding ring the couple may have been married in their 20s and now be in their 60’s or 70s.

To ensure the correct owners are found the details shall remain unpublished.

If you own the ring or think you may know the owners of the ring please contact [email protected] and provide the names engraved on the ring and the date.

This story needs its happily ever after ending with a follow up on the owners.

Can you help?

Do you know who owns this ring?


By Sandra MOON

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