Loretta Towers received Life Membership, Bulahdelah Women’s Bowls

Loretta Towers has been involved with the Bulahdelah Women’s Bowling Club for over forty years.

Loretta Towers
Loretta Towers

Loretta spent her early years at Markwell and then moved to Bulahdelah in 1972 and promptly joined the Bowling Club.

She is a keen bowler and has won a number of championships.

She won the Single Ladies Championships in 2005, the Pairs Championships in 2004 and the Triples Championships in 2006 and 2007.

Not only can she play bowls but she has been very involved with the running of the club.

She held the position of Secretary for three years, the position of Vice President for three years and the position of President for six consecutive years from 2003 to 2008.

She has also held the position of Selector.

This week  she is now the worthy recipient of becoming a Life Member.

Myall Coast News spoke to Loretta about her bowling career and she said, “I enjoy the friendship of bowls.”

“It is an honour to receive a Life Membership for what I have done for the club,” she said.

Laraine Parnell is a fellow bowler and congratulates Loretta on her life membership and wanted to share, “May you spend many more years enjoying your bowls.”


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