Louise Ihlein runs as the Greens candidate for Paterson

Louise Ihlein is a proud member of the Australian Greens Party.


LOUISE Ihlein is the Greens candidate for the seat of Paterson in the upcoming Federal Election.

With a background in nursing, Louise is now reskilling, studying Development Studies and majoring in citizens and citizenship.

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“I joined the Greens after the leadership spill which gave us Scott Morrison, as I recognised how dangerous he was as Immigration Minister.

“After having some eye-opening experiences with racism and social injustice, I wanted to see Australia take progressive steps towards meaningful social justice and refugee policies.

“I am running for this election because I am disgusted by what has become of Australia.

“Our corruption rating has dropped out of the top ten and now we rate lower than Mexico and South Africa,” Ms Ihlein said.

Louise believes that climate change needs to be at the forefront for the election, with all politicians making sure to take action.

“Climate change is caused by humans.

“It is proven, and I am sick of politicians pretending it’s not happening so they can continue to line the pockets of their rich mates in the fossil fuel industry,” she said.

The major policy changes which Louise and the Greens have made a priority for the upcoming election include building a clean energy economy, supporting coal workers into new jobs, restoring free education for all ages, affordable housing for everyone and a Federal ICAC “with teeth”.

Alongside the above policies, Louise believes that Australia’s treatment of refugees is “disgraceful” and a “stain on our collective humanity”.

“It is not illegal to seek asylum – seeing people as the other and yelling at refugees does not sit well with me, and I will fight for change so we can achieve justice for First Nations Peoples and those who seek refuge in our beautiful country.

“As the Greens candidate for Paterson and with the Greens in the balance of power, I will fight for a better future for all Australians,” Ms Ihlein said.



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