Macksville Stingers Div 3 Men take down Northern Storm


WE may not bite, but boy do we sting.

The Macksville Men’s division 3 team came away with a win on the weekend against the inform Northern Storm with a score of 3-0.

Macksville played like it was their final game with one of the many standout players like Connor Ford, who as right wing showed absolute brilliance with a run of almost 40m before passing the ball to team captain Brodie Bartlett who scored.

Connor’s efforts were impressive because he was playing with two sore ankles.

In what could be touted as the grudge match of the season, Macksville player Mark Robinson showed his brilliance as a player by attempting to score four times during the entire game.

His football skills and prowess helped players like Allen Machin and Tim Brown set up another goal for Brodie to score the team’s second goal of the match.

The Stingers dominated possession of the ball and the first half of the game saw them outrun and outmanoeuvre the Storm.

The second half didn’t fare any better for the Storm with the Stingers on target for the win.

A late surge by Aiden Laird almost resulted in another goal for the Stingers but the full time whistle beat them.

An honourable mention must go to the Stingers goalie ‘Straub’ who with agility fought off every attack by the Storm players.

Macksville Stingers showed great courage, their communication skills were on point and their game play was fair and honest.

Next week’s team better watch out, the Stingers are back.


By Lisa MATTERS, Macksville Stingers

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