Magic Bubble Yoga class pops-up at On Yeah Yoga in Coffs

Bek Wilson from Young Yogis Yoga. (left)
Magic Bubble Yoga brings dance, breath-work and yoga flows. (right)


MAGIC Bubble Yoga for children aged four-to-six comes to Coffs on Saturday July 10 as a pop-up class at Om Yeah Yoga.

Bek Wilson from Young Yogis Yoga who specialises in children’s yoga has created the class to be fun, educational and full of purpose, carefully curated to children’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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“Through a combination of dance, breath-work, yoga flows, games and meditation we build strength in our bodies and strength in ourselves,” Bek told News Of The Area.

This class is inspired by a novel The Magic Bubble by Isabel Otter, Phung Nguyen Quang, Huynh Kim Lien.

“A tale about beauty and imagination.”

There’s a certain method to guide children to meditation, said Bek.

“A hot tip is to start with clear expectations and instructions relating to the body, for example ‘eyes closed, body still, breathing deeply with the belly’.

“One of my favourite types of breathwork for this age group is ‘balloon breath’ imagining a balloon in the belly feeling its rise and fall, for Magic Bubble Yoga we will be visualising a bubble of course.”

Scented eye pillows or gemstones placed between the eyebrows, and blankets in winter are props used to encourage the physical grounding and to keep focus in the body.

“I like to leave a little gift and or Mantra Card at the end of each mat for when children open their eyes.”

Language is a huge part of the class.

“Each class has a certain topic ranging from self-love, self-acceptance to the breath.”

For children ages four-to-six music is incredibly beneficial for brain development, to create understanding and to feel joy, said Bek.

“As the music rises and falls so does our mood and emotions.”

Mats and props are provided but props like teddys are all welcome for meditation.

“We aim to make our experience in the class as comfortable as possible, especially with the younger age group.

“We wear anything that makes us feel comfortable.”




Gemstones help to keep focus in the body during meditation.

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