Top Mango Season for Tilligerry

Around 200 mangoes on this tree will be ready to pick sometime in February.
Around 200 mangoes on this tree will be ready to pick sometime in February.

THIS mango season is one of the best that Tilligerry has seen for years.

Surprisingly bees are not a major pollinator but a native fly is in the frame as the one that gets the job done.

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Some residents get hundreds of mangoes one year and very few or none the next.

Perhaps wind, temperature and rainfall are contributing factors.

Reg and Peg Petit from Tanilba had some 1200 individual fruit on their old ‘turpentine’ mango tree one year.

They were disturbed late at night by the sound of fruit dropping into buckets as locals helped themselves.

Possums are a pest as the fruit ripens and one family from Tanilba Point picked all the overhanging mangoes early as fruit bats flew in from Snapper Island .

“It was like living inside a kettle drum,” said the owner.

“We couldn’t sleep as the sound of them falling on the flat tin roof kept us awake.”

Another enterprising resident, tired of thieves raiding his front yard tree, draped a sign from its branches which read: “SPRAYED WITH POISON DO NOT EAT.”

A local doctor then rang him asking what the poison was as a patient had come in with severe stomach cramps.

He admitted to eating the stolen fruit.

We will never really know if he sprayed the tree at all but the thefts ended.

With mangoes currently at around $3 each, a single tree’s harvest could be very well be worth over $1,000. Think about it!


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