Many Hands Make Light Work

Community members from across the peninsula getting together for the benefit of the environment.

THERE is a group of regulars that walk Birubi Beach practising the Take Three For The Sea each time they venture out.

However in recent times these dedicated beachcombers have seen an increase in plastic and other rubbish on their precious beach.

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Dog walkers in the Birubi Paws group can be seen at all times of the day cleaning up not just after their dogs but after storms and rubbish that visitors to the beach have left behind.

Kelly Hammond is one of the locals that has instigated the Friends Of Birubi Group, she told News Of The Area, “Many residents or visitors walk Birubi regularly and take three for the sea.”

However she and other locals have noted that the plastic line has grown noticeable with the huge swells and floods.

Friends Of Birubi was formed to make an impact and to help locals not to become disheartened by the state of the beach.

“I thought many hands make light work and I did a shout-out to my community,” said Kelly.

“Friends Of Birubi’s first get together was last Thursday, the time we meet is decided by the tide.

“There is a Friends of Birubi Beach facebook Group where people can call out to others to meet up and work together.

The next call-out is for Wednesday 10 August at 10.30 am,” she said.

“Everyone is welcome, just bring your own gloves and anything you think will help with the task of making a difference.”

Friends of Birubi will meet at Robinson Reserve and will continue the clean up of Shelly Beach.


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