Marine Drive Foreshore Reference Group meeting outcomes


Some of the erosion currently seen along the Tea Gardens Waterfront.
Some of the erosion currently seen along the Tea Gardens Waterfront.

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THE long awaited Reference Group meeting was held on Wednesday 3 August, the delays due to the recent Council amalgamation and the resulting overlapping duties of Council officers.

The amalgamation has resulted in more autonomy for the Group, which will no longer depend on the availability of Council officers to convene meetings. The Group will make decisions, within budget limitations and submit their recommendations to Council for completion. The change should result in faster resolutions and make the Marine Drive foreshore a feature that the community can be proud of.

Council has confirmed an amount of $50,000 has been allocated for the foreshore improvements and recently elected David Gillespie is providing an additional $25000 from Federal funds to be used in addition to Council funding. These funds are to be used for new works; the on-going replacement / maintenance will remain Council responsibility.

The meeting was informed that whilst improvements to the foreshore will be the function of the Group, decisions made by Council will proceed and will include the removal of the remaining 5 coral trees, most probably within the next month. The reason is based on inspections by arborists, who confirmed the trees are damaged, have no hope of recovery and are a risk to public safety.

The Group has always argued against the removal without replacement trees and to date only two suitable Port Jackson trees have been located and planted.

The Reference Group will make efforts to locate an additional 5 trees and it may be necessary to plant younger trees than originally hoped for. Efforts to locate these replacements are now a priority.

Projects such as additional mooring capacity, the Anzac Park foreshore stabilisation, and dinghy storage are under the scope of the consultants, Royal Haskoning, who will be making their presentation in the near future.

Previously agreed projects identified under the ”Better Boating Program” including the additional public wharf and the shelter for ferry passengers are in the “to do folder “and should be undertaken within this financial year.

Details will be advised by MidCoast Council.

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Whilst not within the Groups’ field, questions have been asked re the completion of road improvements along Marine Drive between Charles Street and the Co-Op and we can advise that works will begin in September and expected to be completed early December.

The section will remain two- way, with current speed limits remaining.

The Group will reconvene in the near future to prioritise identified projects and beautify the Marine Drive foreshore for all to use.


Gordon Grainger

Marine Drive Foreshore Reference Group

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