I MUST be the odd one out, for I’ve been pulling on a mask for a few months — at a time when they were rarely seen in use, even in populous spots and confined spaces.

It was sometime in May that my UK friend and I both condemned the practice of governments and health gurus for NOT encouraging us all, wherever we may be, to grab a mask.

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We raised our voices in agreement over the phone at how ludicrous was this inaction.

Wearing a mask for some protection, was surely a case of the obvious.

We pointed the finger at those quirky leaders Donald Trump and Boris Johnson who were creating headlines by decrying the use of masks.

But look where Johnson’s bravado got him.. right to death’s door.

Only recently has there been a dramatic turnaround.

Masks are everywhere today, like a follow-up epidemic almost.

What a startling transformation.

But just prior to it, I would have been the sole wearer of a mask in Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest supermarkets, and similarly in Raymond Terrace’s shopping mall — couldn’t spot a mask for looking.

I didn’t get to Nelson Bay, but I suspect I would have experienced much the same there.

I noted also that unlike me, most elderly local shoppers had refrained from applying a facial cover-up.

Irresponsible? I thought so, for masks had been readily available for some time.

A mask may not save you from the reach of the dreaded COVID-19, but what can you lose by wearing one?

Surely, if you create a barrier, there could be a benefit, to you and those close to you, in both senses.

This commentary isn’t part of a blame game, but I feel it’s incumbent on us all that we take the wearing of masks seriously, as well as keeping one’s distance, of course, for many residents are getting on in years and may at the same time be battling serious ailments.

Oh, yes, and before I forget, remember to wash your hands!


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