May’s Blood Supermoon saw Nambucca Valley residents looking skyward

Total eclipse of the moon by Emily Branford – Frangidelic Photography.


WOWED by the Blood Supermoon last week, May 26, we were out in our groups with necks craned and iPhones straining their capabilities, and it seems everyone felt it was worth rugging up and looking up.

Unpolluted by city lights, our Nambucca Valley night sky is a treat to behold.

Emily Branford, from Frangidelic Photography set up her camera on Valla Beach.

“Last night was so magical – the buzz was in the air and you could see everyone in the street, out watching it happen,” Emily told News Of The Area.

“I could feel the rest of Australia was out with us, enjoying the magic too.

“It took around an hour and a half from start to complete eclipse and as it came to full eclipse the whole Moon went a dark red colour for about 15-20 minutes before it started lighting up on the side again and going back to the original colour.

“The red went out of it almost as soon as the eclipse started moving off the Moon.”

Andrew Jacob, Curator and Astronomer at Sydney Observatory told News Of The Area, “As the Moon rose into the sky Earth’s dark shadow crept across its face until the Moon was totally engulfed.

“The Moon turned a pale coppery-pink colour.

“But there was a sliver of silvery light remaining on the Moon’s limb and, to the eye, it looked as if totality never quite happened.

“But then this was a very shallow eclipse with the Moon scraping through the edge of Earth’s shadow.

“I have seen numerous lunar eclipses and this one, though short and sharp, was just as enjoyable as all the others.

“Everyone was super excited to be there – both visitors and staff.

“Even the hillside outside the Observatory grounds was buzzing full of people, in groups of two or three, some with telescopes, making a night of it under the stars.”




The Blood Super Moon by Frangidelic Photography.

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