Medowie Businesses support sweltering locals



THE sweltering hot days of summer have well and truly set in, with little to no relief over the last two hot weeks.

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A number of days in a row in the high 40’s gave Medowie residents a less than enjoyable week last week, but they were cheered somewhat by the generosity and support of our two local supermarkets.

Medowie businesses Coles and Woolworths came to the aid of melting residents, with locals jumping on social media to commend the stores with helping residents to stay cool.

Both supermarkets put out tables with eskies filled with ice and bottled waters, offering customers to take a cool drink as they entered their stores.

Anne-Marie Stott-Lucas from Coles Medowie told News Of The Area, “We love giving back to the community, so this is a simple way to make sure the community knows they have our support.”

“This Summer has been a scorcher, so a simple bottle of water can make a big difference on a hot day out doing errands.”

Residents are also urged on these hot days to consider leaving a bucket of water outside their homes for any wildlife who may be out and about and feeling the effects of these scorching temps.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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