Medowie Christian School Celebrates the Olympics

Children celebrating a Gold Medal for Canada(left) The entire school with their flags and the Olympic torch (right)

MEDOWIE Christian School experienced a world of cultures this week, when they hosted a mini Olympics for all students from Kindergarten to year 6.

Each student was allocated a different country, and encouraged to dress in the colours of their flag.

They began the day with a cultural lunch, where students, staff and visitors tried cuisine from around the world with each country hosting their own food and cake stall.

The opening ceremony saw all students marching with their flags as each country was introduced to the games stadium.

Port Stephens Cranes

Students participated with their countries in a variety of events, before coming together for a points tally and Medal ceremony.

Sweden took the bronze, China the Silver and Canada the Gold.

A visiting parent told News Of The Area, “It was such a lovely day with all the children – the school is so inclusive and put on a wonderful event. The children have had so much fun.”

Well done Medowie Christian School on such a well organised event.


By Rachael VAUGHAN


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