Medowie keeps their dogs safe in a leash free dog park.

Jessica Smith with her dog Tessa. Photo by Rachael Vaughan
Jessica Smith with her dog Tessa. Photo by Rachael Vaughan

WITH more reports on social media of dogs who have escaped their yards and taken themselves on adventures happening each week, News Of The Area thought it was time to put a spotlight on a seemingly not well known public facility.

The Medowie Dog park, a Port Stephens Council facility, situated on Coachwood Drive, is a fully fenced leash free dog park.

The enclosure has a double fence entry to ensure no dogs escape near the road, bags and a bin provided, as well as concrete tunnels for the pooches to play in.

A neighbour adjacent to the dog park, Sam McMillan told News Of The Area, “It’s such a great service for Medowie to have.”

Karuah & District RSL Club
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“It’s good to see families using it to exercise their dogs and give them some space to run. A few of my neighbours constructed a water tub and make sure it’s kept full, and often take over cool buckets of fresh water during hot days in Summer.”

Dogs are more likely to escape if they have poor fencing on their yards, and if they are bored and not exercised enough. If dogs are not taken for regular walks, it is only natural that they would want to get out and explore.

Young Medowie resident, Jessica Smith, regularly takes her four dogs to the park with her parents or big brother.

Jessica told News Of The Area, “It’s fun to come here! The puppies all love running around and meeting the other dogs. They’re so tired when they get home, they have to have a big sleep!”

The Medowie dog park gives our pooches a great little outing, lets them expel some energy, socialise with other dogs, and get exercise.

If you have a problem with your dog escaping in Medowie, give the dog park a try – maybe some outside stimulation will help them to feel less inclined to escape on other days.

It’s worth a shot!

For information on other dog parks in other towns in the Port Stephens area, check the list on the Council website under the ‘Play’ section:



By Rachael VAUGHAN

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