Medowie mums at a Newcastle and Hunter Mums Group event

Medowie mums at a Newcastle and Hunter Mums local catch up event.
Medowie mums at a Newcastle and Hunter Mums local catch up event.

Christmas is traditionally a time of family, friends and fun.

It can also be a lonely time for those going through personal turmoil.

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With a national focus on mental health, there is no greater time to publicise services that may assist someone in a time of need during this festive season.

One such service of benefit to mums in particular is the NHM group (Newcastle/Hunter Mums meet up group) on Facebook.

Bec Tansey moved towns in April 2015 when she was pregnant with her third child.

She wasn’t allowed to join a conventional mothers group, assigned by community health, because he was her third, but she was still hoping to meet other mums.

Bec posted on the only ‘Mums’ Facebook group she could find, which had around 200 members and asked if anyone wanted to meet up.

It was so well received that she asked if they wanted to form a small group where she would post a catch-up event each week.

Starting with just ten members, the group has now grown to around 3,700 members.

Bec, and her team of admins, organise a number or weekly meets all over Port Stephens and Newcastle.

The group also runs regular celebrations for holiday events, and in recent weeks hosted a Christmas party with over 200 NHM families.

The group has proven to be a wonderful support service to many local women and families.

Bec told News Of The Area, “We have noticed a lack of judgment that you often see in Facebook ‘Mums’ pages because there was always the chance that you would meet another mum at a meet up, so any differences are respected.”

“We offer support, guidance and the chance to connect with other mums.”

“The group has been a saving grace to a lot of mums who may feel isolated and unsupported in their journey through motherhood,” Bec said.

There is a regular meet up that takes place in Medowie. If you would like to be a part of this online community, check them out on Facebook and join in.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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