Medowie Netballers are headed to Wollongong to compete

Fifteen Medowie Netballers are headed to Wollongong this weekend to compete in the State Age Championships.IMG_1975 (1)


The players range in ages from under 12s through to the under 15s.

The State Age Championships will consist of more than 3300 players and the girls will play up to 20 games of netball over the 3 day carnival.

Go Medowie girls!

Also, result from last weeks games are:

Round 8- 25th June

Under 11s

Medowie Maltesers 34 def 8 Medowie Mini Diamonds

Medowie Munchkins 20 def by 49 EmeraldsIMG_1980 (1)


Intermediate 4

Medowie Sparkles- Bye

Medowie Monkeys 21 def by 35 Muree Meerkates

Medowie M&Ms- 15 def by 27 Medowie Minions


Intermediate 3

Medowie Minties 9 def by 47 Medowie Moxey’s


Intermediate 2

Medowie Movers 18 def by 26 Medowie Magix

Medowie Jen’s Flowers 26 def by 29 Spearmints

Medowie Blueshift Matrix 15 drew 15 Deadly Sista’s


Intermediate 1

Medowie Century 21 Rockets 31 def 13 Danni’s Devils

Medowie Mixers 17 def by 58 Dynamites


Senior 3

Medowie Sibelco Game of Crones 54 def 39 That Team

Medowie Tony Cant 13 def by 33 Outsiders


Senior 2

Medowie Sibelco Hot Shots 33 def 19 Medowie Mundanes

Medowie Motto Farm Auto Repairs 44 def 15 Medowie Car Care

Medowie Meats- Sweaty Betty’s 28 def by 38 Muree Cruzers


Senior 1

Medowie Hotondo 33 def 24 Ace

Medowie Bull N Bush 24 def by 68 Mixtures

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