Medowie Rugby Coach is a stand out team coach


FOR many people, their childhoods were influenced and enriched by various roles models and people that crossed their paths. More often than not, a teacher or coach played one of these roles in their life.

For the Medowie Rugby Club under 10’s, Danie Bezuidenhout may just be a person, and an influence, that they remember.

Danie is the team coach this year, with the assistance of assistant coaches Jordan Remmington and Adam Cook, and ‘helper dad’ Johan Kruger.

Danie is originally from Pretoria in South Africa, but has been in Australia for 9 years.

He has a son Divan, who also plays on his team and who made the representative team this year, and a five-year-old daughter who may one day join the ranks.

Danie has coached the team to not only an enjoyable season of football, but a year that has seen many of his team achieving personal growth and milestones.

Kassie Langridge, mother of Under 10’s player Logan, told News Of The Area, “It’s hard to explain the changes in some of these kids.”

“Danie, and the sport, has been so good for them. They have had so much fun, and learnt so much. My son has really thrived under his coaching and we so appreciate all he has done for the team, and club,” she said.

Danie leads the team in a non-denominational prayer before each game, asking for strength, good sportsmanship and to play to the best of their ability, then again after their game, showing thanks for a good game.

Each player, on the week of their birthday, receives a rugby ball signed by their teammates.

News Of The Area has seen first-hand the significant impression this gift has on its recipients.

Danie is ensuring these children start out with a wonderful experience playing a team sport, and is teaching them valuable life lessons.

Danie also teaches young people and adults kickboxing at his home gym, and told News Of The Area that his “kiddies kickboxing” is a lot of fun, and enjoyed by many local families.

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News Of The Area congratulates Danie on his approach to coaching, and for teaching our young people some wonderful values.

For more information on Medowie Rugby, please contact [email protected]

For more information on Danie’s Kiddies Kickboxing, you can contact Danie on 0458706651.


By Rachael VAUGHAN



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