Talented Medowie Rugby Trio hit the representative stage

Mates in Rugby: Elijah Hayter, Jacob Rabai and Tom Mildren.
Mates in Rugby: Elijah Hayter, Jacob Rabai and Tom Mildren.

THREE talented Medowie teenagers are making their mark on the Rugby Union world with some impressive achievements, and a community fundraising campaign to assist them with their fundraising goals to play representative rugby.

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Elijah Hayter, Jacob Rabai and Tom Mildren all began their rugby journey with Medowie Rugby Club Juniors.

Tom and Eli were part of the exciting and memorable Medowie Under 11s and Under 12s that won major premierships for Medowie rugby in 2012 and 2013.

Jacob moved into the area soon after that, and all three boys joined the Hamilton Hawks Under 15s team due to insufficient numbers locally.

The Hamilton Hawks team were minor premiers in 2015 and major premiers in 2016.

Tom’s father and Medowie Juniors Coach, Michael Mildren, told News Of The Area, “We are still a big part of the Medowie Rugby Club family, and we would love to be able to see all grades and ages represented again with full numbers, but because the kids are all having to leave town to go to High School, they all want to play with their mates, who play in town.”

“The numbers lag, and players like these boys are forced to play in town.”

“This is likely to continue until Medowie gets their own public high school to keep our talent here and we can stop sending our talented kids out to fill the city teams,” he said.

The boys were all selected this year to play for the Under 17s Wildfires, an impressive selection.

Jacob was also selected for the Combined High Schools team, and NSW Country.

The boys have gained some local attention recently on Facebook, then spotted going door to door selling chocolates and raffle tickets, with all residents reporting that the boys were extremely polite and a credit to themselves, their club, and their family.

The boys are also looking for sponsorship from local businesses wanting to get behind them and their representative efforts.

For more information, call Michael Mildren on 0423244983.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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  1. I don’t buy the belief that a High School will keep kids at Medowie rugby. A high school is 10km away at Raymond Terrace

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