Medowie Teens to Perform with Marching Koalas in Europe

Musicians, Jamie Pont (L) and Matilda Logvyn (R) prepare for their European tour.
Musicians, Jamie Pont (L) and Matilda Logvyn (R) prepare for their European tour.

Two high school students are in final preparations for a European tour with the Hunter Region’s Marching Koalas.

Matilda Logvyn (14) who plays the flute and Jamie Pont (13) who plays the trumpet will embark on a 16 day, 3 country tour through Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic performing with the band along the way.

Both are former Medowie Public School students and now attend San Clemente, Mayfield and will be part of the tour that includes performing at Austria’s famous four-day music festival, Woodstock Blasmusik; the biggest event in the region for brass and woodwind musicians.

During the 16 day tour of which there are 55 Marching Koala musicians traveling, 10 performances will be given to European audiences.

Amongst their repertoire is Thriller, James Bond movie theme songs, and the Australian classic, Waltzing Matilda.

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James, a trumpet player for the past 5 years, told Medowie News Of The Area that he is “looking forward to going to different countries and seeing how people live; it’s going to be an exciting trip.”

Matilda, who has been playing the flute for 7 years, told Medowie News Of The Area she is looking forward to traveling because she likes to “meet new people; having different experiences and it’s a good way to get to know different members of the band when we are together for such a long time.”

When asked if it is difficult to learn to play an instrument, march, and perform all at the same time both Matilda and Jamie agreed that it takes a lot of practice to do the three actions simultaneously.

The Marching Koalas have been busy fundraising for the trip; selling chocolates and raffle tickets for a prize donated by Gullivers Music Travel.

The Hunter Region’s Marching Koalas meet for rehearsals each Tuesday, 6-9pm, at the Jesmond campus of Callaghan College. For more information about the band, or to join, please contact Geoff Lynch on 0416 486 711 or access their website: or



By Heather SHARP


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