Medowie’s 7 Day Makeover

A very tired and proud Councillor Chris Doohan on the new Medowie sign.


MEDOWIE is now a town centre that everyone living in Port Stephens has a right to be proud of.

It has undergone a huge transformation at the hands of volunteers, and the team from Creative Communities.

The program was instigated after the success of the Anna Bay 7 Day Makeover which created a sense of place for the beachside town.

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Now the leafy rural town centre of Medowie has its own theme and sense of place.

Port Stephens Central Ward Councillor Chris Doohan couldn’t be happier with the results of the program.

He told News Of The Area, “What an amazing week for Medowie.

“The transformation of our town is nothing short of incredible.

“I’m immensely proud and honoured to have been part of this epic event.

“The town transformation is impressive, but even more importantly the community bonding that happened over the last seven days is inspiring.

“The legacy left for the next generation has been laid.

“Good on you Medowie, you are awesome,” he said.

Medowie’s 7 Day Makeover, like the Anna Bay one, showed that the Port Stephens community is a giving one.

Medowie’s Makeover set records, with the program claiming the most volunteers in one day with 201 locals turning out to lend a hand.

The youngest ever volunteer was also on the books at the tender age of 10 weeks old.

Importantly Medowie’s makeover was made all the better due to the $63,000 raised, of all of which has been spent with the exception of just $100.

Member for Port Stephens and Medowie resident Kate Washington told News Of The Area, “Medowie’s 7 day makeover was an incredible experience both in terms of the outcome and the process.

“Our community came together like never before and the end result is unbelievable.

“Thanks to everyone who gave their time and energy to transform our town centre, especially all the businesses who stepped up to support.

“Our town’s team effort was so big it broke records – Medowie should take a bow.

“To David, Jodi and the team from Creative Communities – our entire community is grateful.“

“Medowie’s 7 day Makeover was an incredible experience both in terms of the outcome and the process,” she said.

Jason Wells, Medowie local and candidate for Central Ward Port Stephens who participated in the project told News Of The Area, “An exciting opportunity for all members of the Medowie community to collaborate on a project that will provide long lasting benefits to the civic precinct of the town.

“The next step for the project is to keep the momentum going, and utilise local knowledge and skills to revitalise other parts of Medowie with the full support of Port Stephens Council.

“It was great to see people of all ages and all abilities take part and give up their own time to contribute to the project.

“Working through the design and budgeting process, it seemed to some a bit daunting, but the enthusiasm of the project groups soon took over with many keen to start work immediately.

“The civic area has been a hive of activity for the last seven days, full of volunteers and tradies lending a hand.

“The transformation has been wonderful, and now Medowie has an amazing civic entrance, one that everyone should be proud of,” he said.

There was also a special nod to Geoff Dingle who was a passionate resident who planted and cared for one of the parks, with a sign in place honouring his commitment to the space and community.

Medowie is certainly on the map, so if you haven’t been to Medowie recently, now is the time to visit this leafy township and enjoy the fruits of our community’s labours.




Medowie’s transformation. Photos from Facebook Marnie Coates, Medowie & Day Makeover.

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