Meet The Candidates: Alan Tickle for MidCoast Council

Alan Tickle, Donna Ballard, Trent Chapman, Carley Burke, Rodney Percival and Jason Ryan of Group A.


AS Local Government Elections approach, News Of The Area is introducing you to the candidates for the Election.

Alan Tickle from Taree is running as an independent candidate for the upcoming MidCoast elections after a break from Local Government following the amalgamation.

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“In my break I concentrated on leading the community fight for better funding for our local hospital but still retained a passion for Local Government and wished to serve the community again in that capacity,” Alan told News Of The Area.

He believes that elected councillors need to be united in supporting the community.

“The Councillors need to work as a team, be more visible in the community and share the load by area so that the whole LGA feels connected.

“They need to be accountable to each other in the tasks that are expected to be carried out in reaching out to the community and actually attend council committee meetings that have community members involved to make it count,” Alan said.

If elected, Alan wishes to call for a briefing by an external audit on the financial position of Council and capacity to deliver the forecasts in the ten year Financial Plan.

“A presentation from an external audit should include an overview of methodology and any flaws in the accounting practices that lead to a series of errors by staff in the draft presentation of Council’s financial position as of June 30 2021.

“Internal Audit agenda to be reviewed with their role to include control checks on procurement, service delivery and service satisfaction,” he said.

Alan is also a strong believer of unity between all levels of government.

“Notices of Motion should be lodged so that the elected body meets with State and Federal Members on a regular basis.

“While the General Manager might be doing this, it is imperative that a strong relationship is developed across all three levels of Government by the elected body so that we are better positioned to work with and for our shared communities,” Alan told News Of The Area.

With 45 years across a career in banking and financial planning, includes self-employment with a staff of six, Alan has also completed an Executive Certificate in Local Government and has experience which includes roles as Deputy Mayor, Joint Regional Planning Panel, Deputy Chair of the Board of Mid Coast Water, Chair of Finance Committee and Internal Audit committee.

“My experience enables me to be effective immediately, but with fresh eyes that will make a difference on Council in representing the best interest of all constituents across the LGA,” Alan said.



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