Meet The Candidates: Kathryn Bell’s Group I

Kathryn Bell is running again for Council.


AS Local Government Elections approach, News Of The Area is introducing you to the candidates for the Election.

Kathryn Bell is the leader of Group I for the upcoming election, a team of Independents committed to local democracy and strong communities.

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The group consists of Kathryn Bell, Nawal Marahai, Katrina Pearson, Ron Hindmarsh, Kay Smith and Laura Boyce.

“I rely on the public record to demonstrate my commitment to putting the community first and I take a stand on matters important to the community, despite opposition.

“A Councillor’s role is to be the conduit between the organisation and the people; to ensure the needs, hopes, and ambitions of the community are known to Council when decisions are being made,” Kathryn said.

Group I wants to establish precinct committees to facilitate communication between local communities and the governing body, give voters a say in how their Mayor is to be elected and bring public speakers back into Council meetings.

The group also wishes to promote a people poll on demerger or boundary adjustment as well as champion people-powered climate change action, establishing a sustainable futures committee.

“I offer progressive, independent representation and have what it takes to be a positive influence in MidCoast Council for our community.

The ticket consists of a number of proactive community members who are driven to make a difference.

Katrina Pearson is a strong voice of the community advocating for representation, accountability, transparency, genuine actionable community consultation and integrity.

Ron Hindmarsh is a firm believer of honest and accountable Governance for decisions and actions.

“I am standing on Kathryn Bell’s ticket in support of her, as I believe she has the honesty and integrity that is required to represent people in our area,” Ron said.

Kay Smith is also standing on the ticket, believing in an independent Council.

“I want our council to have a proactive culture and encourage and support sound development in our area.

“I support Kathryn Bell and her team as I believe that councillors should be independent and believe political parties should not hold sway over local government.

“I know Kathryn is honest, enthusiastic and keen to move the council forward in a positive direction in the best interests of the people in MidCoast,” Kay said.

Katheryn and her team are passionate about the commitment of doing the right thing by the community and believe In strong women in politics.

“We support Kathryn Bell returning as a Councillor because we need strong women in the role, for an independent voice for the people.

“Katheryn has done the right thing by the community and represented the people and deserves to be re-elected,” said Laura Boyce, a member of Kathryn’s group.




Kathryn and her group.

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