Meeting for the newly formed council conducted

Dear News Of The Area,

THE newly formed Council conducted their inaugural meeting last week.

It can be accessed through the Great Lakes Council web site.

Whilst we in general opposed the merger, our fall -back position was to hope that GLC management was placed in the drivers’ seat and am glad to see our hopes have materialised.

The interim Council has formed 2 committees. Local Representative Committee (LRC) and Implementation Advisory Group (IAG)

The administrator is Mr John Turner—retired Country party member who has a great working knowledge of our area.

The interim General Manager is Mr. Glenn Handford, former GM of GLC.

Interim Council General Manager
Interim Council General Manager

Jan McWilliams has been elected as chair of the two committees.

Len Roberts has been elected to the IAG and Carol McCaskie to the LRC.

It  means we should still have a voice with the good chance that our pending improvements can still be brought to fruition.


Gordon Grainger

Tea Gardens

Burton Motor Group
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