Mentors for Men support Pete’s Place with $400 donation

Mentors Stephen Ash, Ian South, David Hargreaves, Graham Willcocks, Nigel Smith, Anna Scott, John Humphrey, Kim Weston, Colin Phipps, Stephen Morrison, John Mandile, Denny Moore, Col Bourke and Ian Towner (seated).


MENTORS For Men have held their Annual General Meeting and presented Pete’s Place with a generous donation of $400.

John Mandile, the Mentors for Men Coordinator said Pete’s Place holds a spot close to the group’s heart.

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He told News of The Area (NOTA), “We collaborate with the Neighbourhood Centre and Pete’s Place and we felt they are doing a great job supporting the homelessness.

“We see a lot of homeless people and we like to support them.

“We also support former refugees with the food distribution program that runs out of the centre,” he said.

Each year the group raises money from activities such as barbecues at Bunnings and after they cover insurance they donate to a charity.

Mr Mandile said they help men who need extra support; especially with mental wellbeing, breakups, job losses and retirement.

“When men strike a hard time they usually isolate and their structure and support systems are usually around work or partners,” he told NOTA.

John said the mentors are not counsellors but are companions who reach out a hand to someone going through a difficult time.

He said the group is looking for more mentors of all ages over eighteen.

“We are looking for more men to mentor who have a willingness to connect with other men and a willingness to contribute to the community.

“Good qualities include being non-judgmental, a good listener and the confidence to reach out to another man going through a difficult time.

“They also have to be available for training and commit to personal development training.”

Mentors are encouraged to attend weekly meetings when they can.

On the flip side mentees can enjoy the benefit of having a one-to-one private and confidential contact with another man that has been matched to suit the mentee’s needs.

The contact is often meeting for a coffee once a week and a few telephone calls to keep in touch.

A mentee can be anywhere from eighteen to eighty years of age, will be given full respect, and listened to without judgement.

Fancy participating?

Contact John on 0419 258 023.


By Sandra MOON

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