Meryl Swanson tests positive for COVID-19 and shares her experience

Member for Paterson Meryl Swanson is one of many who have tested positive for COVID-19.


ALONGSIDE almost 35,000 others who test positive for COVID-19 every day in New South Wales, Member for Paterson Meryl Swanson and her daughter have contracted the virus.

“2022 has kicked off difficulty for my family with both my daughter and I having tested positive to COVID,” Ms Swanson told News Of The Area.

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“I, like many people, am deeply appalled at how woefully handled it has been under Premier Perrottet.”

Across the state, more than 100,000 people struggle to receive a PCR test, with some waiting in lines for more than six hours, and others camping out at testing sites to ensure they are tested.

“Getting information is difficult, the hotline drops out, and the information online is so general and challenging for people to navigate.

“It’s almost impossible to get Rapid Antigen Tests, and many of the testing clinics closed when people were in closest contact over Christmas and the New Year.

“This has been the worst example of Incompetent planning and crisis management we have seen in living memory from a State Government,” Ms Swanson said.

Rapid Antigen Tests, often referred to as RATs, have been difficult to find, with large shortages on stock levels and a high price ranging from $35 for two single-use-tests.

However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has clearly stated that he will not be making the rapid antigen tests free.

“We’re at another stage of this pandemic now where we just can’t go round and make everything free.

“We have to live with this virus.

“This isn’t a medicine, it’s a test; and so there’s a difference between those two things,” Mr Morrison said.

Ms Swanson told News Of The Area that she is disappointed by the actions of the Premier and Prime Minister.

“The Premier and Prime Minister have nothing to boast about, given that we are now two years down this rabbit hole and people are still suffering and sadly, some are not surviving.

“I hope that our community members can stay well and if they do become unwell, they’re able to look after themselves because our government has failed us.”

Despite a difficult situation, Ms Swanson still wishes to thank frontline workers in this time.

“I want to thank the health professionals that tested us and thank everyone who is working their guts out to help our community at this challenging time.

“My message to the community is to ensure we all take this as seriously as possible as it’s physically and mentally taxing, even for those who are double vaccinated,” Ms Swanson said.





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