MidCoast Council begin disability access plans for Tea Gardens pool

Jim Meehan, Chair of the Pool-Subcommittee of PA and Scott Trotter, MidCoast Council Project Manager. Photo: Tara Campbell.


MIDCOAST Council is currently in the initial planning stage for disability access upgrades to the Tea Gardens pool.

With a $700,000 funding grant from the NSW Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Fund the funding allocations specifies $300,00 to upgrade the entrance to the site of the pool, providing accessible paths and buildings as well as $400,000 for an accessibility ramp into the pool, with an entrance and exit pod built as an extension to the existing pool.

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The current plans were discussed in a meeting with a number of pool users at the site on 27 August.

The initial plan involves a ramp being added on the left side of the pool for accessibility whilst not taking away any of the existing lane.

A unisex disabled bathroom with shower and toilet facilities will be added as part of this plan alongside the widening of the pathways outside of the pool.

Scott Trotter, MidCoast Council Project Manager told attendees of the meeting that the most important aspect is accessibility.

“The idea is to incorporate a number of ramps so that there is access anywhere you go in the pool area.

“Part of this plan is to have a trial period of the YMCA manning the pool so that we can have these facilities open to everyone,” Mr Trotter told News Of The Area.

At the current point of time, work is predicted to begin in the off-season of the pool in 2022 estimated to be finished by 25 September 2022.

As part of the funding grant, a storage shed will be built and at this point in time, will be placed at the far left hand corner of the pool area, parallel to the other shed.

“This will be a place that everyone can access with lockable sub-sections for use by multiple groups and we will ensure that there are adequate pathways for access to the shed,” Mr Trotter said.

“At this stage, the grant funding only covers the disabled access plans for the pool and there are currently no long term plans for immediate action by the Council,” Mr Trotter said.



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