MidCoast Greens Candidates address fishing

Dheera Smith and Karl Attenborough support sustainable fishing. Photo: MidCoast Greens.


DURING the campaign for MidCoast Council, the Greens have been talking with local communities about what they need from council.

Through this process the lead candidate for Greens for MidCoast Council, Dheera Smith, met Karl Attenborough, a recreational fisherman popular on YouTube, known for promoting ethical and sustainable fishing and his advocacy to protect the large breeding female Dusky Flathead.

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“It’s a common misconception that the Greens are anti-fishing.

“The Greens support sustainable recreational and commercial fishing and are passionate about the conservation of marine areas to increase fish numbers and diversity,” Dheera said.

The establishment of marine conservation zones around the world has been scientifically shown to increase fish stocks by protecting larger fish who are able to breed and have large numbers of young.

“Now more than before, with increased technology, better fishing equipment and more people fishing, there is growing awareness within the recreational fishing community that it’s imperative to protect breeding stocks and natural habitat,” Mr Attenborough said.

The Greens understand it is challenging for communities to be told where they can and can’t fish but believe education and discussion is key to fish conservation, so that our children can enjoy the diversity of marine areas like earlier generations.

“At the Council level the biggest threat to our waterways, and subsequently fish stocks, is poor water quality from run-off and over-development.

“We want to ensure that development near waterways is discouraged, and if allowed, is carefully regulated and managed to allow for more fish and less development,” Dheera said.



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