Milo Cricket – Building Future Cricket Stars

Medowie Milo Cricket Team
Medowie Milo Cricket Team

David Warner and Steve Smith have been doing some incredible things on the cricket field during the summer so far.

However, their success didn’t happen overnight.

Kate Washington
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Chances are, both Dave and Steve started their cricketing journey thanks to Milo Cricket, and our very own Medowie Milo Cricket Team have started on this same journey.

This season, 20 such lads have embarked on a path that could lead one of them all the way to a coveted ‘baggy green’.

Led by their coach, 11-year-old William Cook, our Medowie Milo Cricket team recently completed their eight-week ‘Milo in2CRICKET’ program.

The program is for both boys and girls from ages five to eight and designed to introduce the game of cricket by teaching them the basic skills required to play the game.

It is completely safe as the leather and willow are replaced by rubber and plastic, letting the children learn how to play cricket in a safe environment.

Medowie Milo Cricket volunteer Lisa Cook is very proud of the team, telling News Of The Area, “They had a lot of fun learning cricket skills such as bowling, batting, learning how to catch and field a ball.”

“They even had a couple of matches throughout the season in which they were very competitive. Hopefully we’ll find the next Steve Smith or David Warner amongst them.”

Maybe they will. Now, wouldn’t that be something?

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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