Motor show and music extravaganza in aid of Hope for the Homeless

John Swan, Chris Tanner and Dean Evers planning a motor show and rock concert in aid of Hope for the Homeless.


HOPE for the Homeless are hosting their third Annual Coffs Coast Motor Show at Red-C Events on Saturday 29 May with special guest and Hope for the Homeless patron John ‘Swannee’ Swan and Cold Chisel tribute band, Chisel Revived playing in the evening.

A founding member of Cold Chisel and the older brother of Jimmy Barnes, John Swan, has a back catalogue of 12 albums and 18 singles which includes three number one albums and a number one single.

Swan has a long history of helping other people and wants to make this gig special as he explained to News Of The Area.

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“I will be performing my most popular songs but I would like to do something I don’t normally do and that’s sing some of my brother’s songs (Cold Chisel), like Working Class Man and When The War Is Over.

“I always get asked to sing these songs but I never do it, it doesn’t seem right, but this is different, this for Hope for the Homeless, this is an exception, I’m going to give it everything and I can’t wait to do my part,” said Swan.

In 2017, John Swan received the Medal of the Order of Australia for his services to the community and teaming up with Hope for the Homeless founder Dean Evers and operations manager Mark Tanner seems like a match made in heaven.

“I’ve been to the Hub (Harbourside Housing and Homeless Hub) with Dean (Evers), every person who walks through that door, he treats with dignity and respect, he just helps people, he’s a wonderful human being, such an amazing cause for people who need help, he has literally helped thousands of people and I’m honoured to be part of it,” said Swan who releases a new album next week.

“I love making music and I’ve just released a new album which is available at, and I will be playing some of the songs at the gig,” said Swan.

Operations manager for Hope for the Homeless, Mark Tanner, is looking forward to hosting the organisation’s third motor show in three years.

“There will be over a hundred cars on show, it’s a great way to meet new people who are passionate about cars.

“There will be classic cars, hot rods, expensive cars worth over two hundred thousand dollars, everything you can think of, it’s something for all ages to enjoy and it’s for a great cause,” said Mark, who gave some insights into how Hope for the Homeless started.

“Dean (Evers) started Hope for the Homeless from his garage five years ago and now there are five shops, one in Nambucca, one in Bellingen, one in Grafton and two in Coffs Harbour.

“There are around seven hundred homeless people in the Coffs Harbour region who sleep in tents, sleep rough in the cold, on a friend’s sofa or literally anywhere and they need our help.

“We are all volunteers and love doing what we do, the organisation has helped thousands of people and we want to help more, it’s what we love doing,” concluded Mark.

The motor show takes place between 2-5pm and the concert starts from 7pm, more information about the charity events can be found at




John Swan performing at his last gig at Red-C Events.

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