Motorists come together to extinguish car fire roadside on highway near Sapphire Beach

A number of motorists pulled over to help extinguish the blaze.


IT was a community effort on Wednesday morning on the Pacific Highway near Sapphire Beach, as motorists joined together to put out a roadside car fire.

Charles from Korora was one such motorist, who came across the burning car while travelling south from Moonee Beach on the highway around 8am.

“I saw the car was clearly on fire and burning quite vigorously.

“The bonnet was up and the owner was on the phone ringing the Fire Brigade.”

Springing into action, Charles pulled over and grabbed a fire extinguisher from the back of his car.

“Unfortunately it didn’t work as it is not properly gassed up!” said Charles.

“A motorcyclist who also stopped pulled my extinguisher apart and threw the powdery contents over the fire which slowed it up but didn’t stop it.”

The spirit of the Coffs Coast community was then on display, as more passersby pulled over to assist in the situation.

“Within a couple of minutes there were quite a number of vehicles pulled over to help.

“People were marching along with their fire extinguishers, ready to do battle, and one was able to put the fire out with an extinguisher which did work.”

Charles said the quick community response helped avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

“The highway was quite busy at that time and the situation was potentially quite precarious.

“It could have resulted in an accident, with smoke billowing across the highway.”

With the situation under control, Charles expressed his pride at the way his community had jumped in to help the stranded motorist.

“It sort of restores your faith in humanity doesn’t it.

“It was very heartening to see how many people did actually stop to help,” said Charles.



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