Mr Fitzsimmons Cleared Of Charges After Being Rescued by Port Stephens Police and Volunteers from Port Stephens Koalas and a Trip In a Paddy-Wagon

Senior Carer, Carmel Northwood with volunteer Christine Johnson and three police officers who assisted with the rescue.


MR Fitzsimmmons the newly rescued and named koala arrived at the Port Stephens Koala Hospital in a rather unusual way.

The koala was found by two Police Officers on Bagnalls Beach Road.

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Despite their best efforts to coax him back into the bush away from the roundabout Mr Fitzsimmons was determined to cross the busy road.

Fortunately Port Stephens Koalas’ volunteer, Christine Johnson, was driving along Government Rd, where a police car with flashing lights had pulled over to the side.

It’s all in a day’s work for a volunteer with Port Stephens Koalas to rescue koalas in need.

Christine Johnson told News Of The Area, “We were all very concerned for the koala’s safety, and it was going to take a while for the koala rescue to get there.

“Police Officer Sean Smith arrived with a basket, but it was too small to transport the koala in.”

Christine loaded Mr Fitzsimmons into the back of the paddy-wagon with the help of the police officers.

“He gripped onto a small cushion we had, and I bundled him under a blanket,” she said.

For Christine it was a rather unusual day, she travelled in the back of the paddy-wagon securing the koala throughout the ride from the Bagnalls Beach and Government Road roundabout to the Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary at One Mile Beach.

The koala hospital team had been alerted and were awaiting the arrival of the paddy-van with its precious cargo.

Mr Fitzsimmons underwent a routine vet check and was found to have chlamydia.

He is still under care, and responding well to treatment.

You can help koalas in and around Port Stephens by supporting Port Stephens Koalas.

Volunteers are needed to support the organisation in a range of functions from caring for koalas through to assisting with fundraising.




Mr Fitzsimmons taking a ride in the paddy-wagon.

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