My History Box records lifetime stories for future generations

Shawn with his My History Box and attending Activity Officers from some local Aged Care Facilities, with Jan Gaunt (right) CVS Coordinator for Residential Care on the Mid North Coast NSW.


MY History Box is a voice recording device created by Woolgoolga IT whizz Shawn O’Neill inspired by hearing the reminiscences and stories of older folk in his role as a volunteer visitor at Woolgoolga Aged Care facility.

“One of my friends (resident) was writing her memoir and it was so difficult for her due to sight, hearing and tech issues, and I thought there must be a better way to save those amazing stories that we hear regularly.

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“My History Box is what I’ve come up with; it makes it easy for almost anyone to record the stories that made their life special and share them with their family and friends.

“They’re also kept available for future generations to experience and enjoy in the storyteller’s own voice.”

Shawn presented My History Box to local Activity Officers at Central Coffs’ Cavanbah Hall.

The presentation on Wednesday June 9 was organised by Jan Gaunt, CVS Coordinator for Residential Aged Care Mid North Coast NSW.

Shawn told News Of The Area, “Having so much fun listening to the reminiscences of my friends, some of them in their 100s, there’s now a way for them to create their memoir that’s simpler than writing it down themselves.”

By buying the History Box ($450) the person becomes a subscriber with an account.

Once the story has been recorded it is converted to text, which is then uploaded to the person’s account any time, adding to it as the story is told over time.

“The uploading can be edited, perhaps to be chronological, but the recording is always the original as it was told,” said Shawn.

Support is a huge part of the subscription.

“I don’t want people buying the box and then not using it because they don’t understand something.

“I am also working on prompts to help people on their story-telling journey.”

See for the Kickstarter fundraiser for development of the prototype and legalities and certifications required.




My History Box – simply relatable for older people.

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